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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Larkstone Watersports Hub - Lime Kiln and Bridge Link Works ref: 370102/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) Ref: WK/202305010 ref: 370002/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Planning for Traveller Sites ref: 369908/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
To agree the minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th October 2023 ref: 369608/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
Date of next meeting and to agree future meeting dates ref: 369708/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
Local Plan Update - Next Steps ref: 369808/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
Appointment of Co-opted Independent Member ref: 367309/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Adjournment of Meeting ref: 366009/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 14th November 2023 ref: 365709/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Role of Lead Members ref: 367109/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Work Programme 2023-2024 ref: 366109/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Relocation Package Policy ref: 367509/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Exclusion of Public and Press and Restriction of Documents ref: 366209/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Audit Recommendation Tracker ref: 367409/01/202409/01/2024Not for call-in
Strategy and Resources Committee ref: 369117/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Strategy and Resources Committee ref: 368217/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Appointments to Committee 2023/24 ref: 369017/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Report by Chief Financial Officer (attached) ref: 368917/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Annual Governance Statement 2022/23 ref: 368817/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Update to Part 4 of the Constitution ref: 368317/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Strategy and Resources Committee ref: 367917/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Planning Committee ref: 367817/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Licensing and Community Safety Committee ref: 368017/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Governance Committee ref: 368117/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Letter of Representation on behalf of the Council (attached) ref: 368717/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Polling District and Place Review 2023 ref: 368517/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
To consider motions of which notice has been submitted by Members in accordance with Part 4, Council Procedure Rules, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution ref: 367717/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2023 (attached) ref: 367617/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Proposed Committee Timetable for 2024/2025 ref: 368417/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Council Tax Base 2024/25 ref: 368617/01/202417/01/2024Not for call-in
Street Marshals ref: 369329/09/202329/09/2023Not for call-in