Parish - District and Parish Elections - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

Election summary for Parishes
Parishes Elected candidates Elected party or parties Time declared
Ashford Jane Harewood Bosley
Ashford Dale Hall
Ashford Geoffrey Clifford Holder
Ashford Philip Edward Hughes
Ashford Vaughan Scott Lawson
Ashford Mike Moss
Ashford Sarah Maria Drury Sampson
Barnstaple (Central Town) Syed Jusef Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Central Town) Robbie Mack Green Group
Barnstaple (Forches) John Anthony Carter Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Forches) Julie Lynda Hunt Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Forches) Val Monk Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Forches) Deborah Parkhouse Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Newport) Ricky Knight Green Group
Barnstaple (Newport) Peter Richard Leaver Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Newport) Gabi Marchewka Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Newport) Ashraf Shah Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Newport) Louisa Catherine Emma York Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Janet Ann Coates Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Val Elkins Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Mel Lovering Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Joanna Louise Orange Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Ian Roome Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Jake Slee Liberal Democrat
Barnstaple (Pilton & Yeo Valley) Arthur Windsor Liberal Democrat
Bishops Nympton Nigel Garth Chanter
Bishops Nympton Ian Peter Cowling
Bishops Nympton Judith Rosemary Daw
Bishops Nympton Susannah Elizabeth Hoskin
Bishops Nympton Alan John Setherton
Bishops Nympton Amanda Lois Sing
Bishops Nympton Matthew Verney
Bishops Nympton Mark James Woollacott
Braunton East Graham Matthew Bell Liberal Democrat
Braunton East Adrian Justin Bryant Liberal Democrat
Braunton East Valerie Jean Cann Labour Party
Braunton East David Charles John Relph Green Group
Braunton East Liz Spear Liberal Democrat
Braunton East Derrick Wilfred John Spear Liberal Democrat
Braunton East Liz Wood Green Group
Braunton West Adam Bradford Liberal Democrat
Braunton West Brad Bunyard Green Group
Braunton West Jasmine Bessie Chesters The Conservative Party Candidate
Braunton West Peter Lord
Braunton West Marguerite Dorothy Shapland Liberal Democrat
Braunton West Ray Shapland Liberal Democrat
Burrington Paul Adrian Molineaux Bailey
Burrington Gill Benson
Burrington Andrew Robert Bonner
Burrington Peter John Keeley
Burrington Jacqueline Pateman-Jones
Burrington Kevin Roy Pincombe
Burrington John Pickard Short
Burrington Peter Mervyn Smale
Burrington James Michael Wooldridge
Combe Martin Katherine Lucy Armitage
Combe Martin Andy Forgan
Combe Martin John Edwin Hales
Combe Martin Peter Edward James
Combe Martin Ian Edward Lawton
Combe Martin Brian Lee Lethaby
Combe Martin Helen Rochelle Mallinder
Combe Martin Celia Ann Withers
Combe Martin David Woodbury
Combe Martin Martin Desmond Warwick Worth
Combe Martin Chris Wyer
Combe Martin Keith George Wyer
Fremington & Yelland Samuel David Thomas Adams
Fremington & Yelland Jim Bell
Fremington & Yelland Frank Lindsay Biederman
Fremington & Yelland Cole Thomas Connell
Fremington & Yelland Myka Louise Scott
Fremington & Yelland Lizzi Stevenson
Fremington (Anchorwood) Bill Sherborne
Ilfracombe East George Coulter
Ilfracombe East Paul Edward Crabb
Ilfracombe East Terry Elliott Labour Party
Ilfracombe East Val Gates
Ilfracombe East Bert Gear
Ilfracombe East Kit Leck
Ilfracombe East Frank Pearson Green Group
Ilfracombe East Greg Schofield
Ilfracombe East Dan Turton
Ilfracombe East June Williams
Ilfracombe East Paul Yabsley
Ilfracombe West Lee Andrew Aston
Ilfracombe West Pat Coates
Ilfracombe West Rod Donovan
Ilfracombe West Geoff Fowler
Ilfracombe West Netti Pearson Green Group
Ilfracombe West Steve Trebble
Ilfracombe West Sara Jane Wilson
Lynton and Lynmouth David Harding
Lynton and Lynmouth Philip John Hawkins
Lynton and Lynmouth Suzette Elizabeth Hibbert
Lynton and Lynmouth Adrian Slee Hobbs
Lynton and Lynmouth Peter James Lake
Lynton and Lynmouth Tony Meakin
Lynton and Lynmouth John Michael Patrinos
Lynton and Lynmouth Bernard James Peacock
Lynton and Lynmouth Matthew John Pearce
Lynton and Lynmouth Alastair John Rodway
Lynton and Lynmouth Angela Seckleman
Lynton and Lynmouth Chris Sleep
South Molton Matthew Thomas Bushell Liberal Democrat
South Molton Marc Peter Cornelius
South Molton Jacqui Footman Liberal Democrat
South Molton Paul John Henderson
South Molton Ron Herniman
South Molton Mark Terence Hulland
South Molton Terry King
South Molton Martin James Kingdon
South Molton Christine Elizabeth Lock
South Molton Stephen William Lock
South Molton Mervyn Fredrick Way
South Molton David John Worden Liberal Democrat
Tawstock Rural Norman George Lines
Tawstock Rural Christine Helen Thorne