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Quarterly Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit Report -Ilfracombe & Lynmouth Harbours

Report by the Health and Safety Manager (attached).


The Board noted the Quarterly Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit report – Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours (circulated previously).


The Designated Person confirmed that the Marine Safety Management system was working effectively, ensuring compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.


The Designated Person gave the Board the following summary:


·         The audit of both Harbours was carried out on 12 October 2021 with the Harbour Master, Senior Building Surveyor, Health and Safety Advisor and Designated Person in attendance.  In addition the Town Clerk for Lynton and Lynmouth was in attendance for the Lynmouth audit.


Ilfracombe – actions completed


·         A damaged waste receptacle had been removed awaiting a replacement. The Harbour Master advised that the removal of Trade Waste was slightly improved but was still not always being carried out twice a week in accordance with the contract


·         The Environment Agency were taking the lead with regards to the removal of the benches and levelling up of the wall along Quay Road as part of the flood defence upgrade, which would also improve safety for the public using Quay Road


Ilfracombe – risk management


·         An internal audit on the following areas was carried out this quarter, with no non-conformities or non-compliance found:

·         (i) A planned Marine emergency response exercise carried out at Ilfracombe harbour on 1 September 2021 went well.  In attendance were crew of The Oldenburg, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Environment Agency, Police, RNLI, and 2P responders.  A couple of recommendations had come out of the exercise as a result

·         (ii) Legislation, (Acts, Harbour Revision Orders, Byelaws) and Directions

·         (iii) Competency and Training

·         (iv) Duty Holder and DP Function

·         (v) Conservancy (survey, dredging)

·         The condition of the wall and pointing at Stone Bench had worsened.  To determine the best course of action to remedy the situation would commence with a structural survey being carried out as soon as possible

·         The new composite handrails were expected to be fitted along Old Quay Head in 2022-23 due to budget constraints

·         The new electrical conduit works were still outstanding

·         The crack along East Face was still being monitored, and did not seem to have worsened since July 2021. Surveyor to carry out structural survey at the same time as the survey of Stone Bench

·         Approval of the works to replace Fenders along the Cove was given at full Council in September 2021.  The funding to carry out these works had come from a successful application to the Maritime and Fisheries Fund

·         Recruitment of a Police Community Support Officer was still underway.  The Harbour Master and Deputy Harbour Master were still dealing with issues of Health and Safety concern

·         There was no timeline as yet for the works along Old Quay Road would  be carried out

·         Funding would be applied for to help with the costs of Flood defence works


Lynmouth - Actions Completed


·         Devon County Council had now responded to requests for works to be carried out on the May Bridge.  This was to make safe the rusted railings


Lynmouth – Risk Management


·         An internal audit of the following topics was carried out this quarter with no non conformities or non-compliances:


(i)            Legislation, (Acts, Harbour Revision Orders, Byelaws) and Directions

(ii)          Competency and Training

(iii)         Duty Holder and DP Function

(iv)         Conservancy (survey, dredging)


·         It was to be noted that Lynmouth harbour was still having its statutory responsibilities, powers or limits of jurisdiction being looked into and as such most of the audit matters did not apply

·         The survey works were still to be completed after the survey boat sank taking its equipment down with it.  Once completed the results of the survey would be brought back to a future Board meeting

·         Repainting of the worn white line at the top of the slipway was still pending, due to the fact that the remarking of the car park had not yet been carried out as expected and these works would be done at the same time

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