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Ilfracombe Harbour Community Forum

Report by Chair of Harbour Community Forum (attached)


The Board considered the Ilfracombe Harbour Community Forum report (circulated previously) by the Chair of the Forum.


The Chair of the Community Forum for Ilfracombe gave the Board the following update:

·         No formal meetings had taken place but regular emails were sent to members of the Forum

Quay Road Congestion

·         Issues with the increased numbers of visitors and obstructions along Quay Road to the carpark had caused problems for pedestrians and businesses.  The increase in footfall was a positive for the local economy, however, the gridlock caused by traffic traversing along Quay Road was off putting for families visiting.  It was hoped solutions could be found and put in place ahead of the next busy season but it was disappointing that there was no action to be seen to have happened as yet


The Head of Resources confirmed that this was a Highways issue under the remit of Devon County Council.  The Local Authority had no jurisdiction over street parking, and that the carpark access could not be closed off as the loss of revenue would be detrimental to the authority.


The Harbour Master advised that an onsite meeting had taken place with Devon County Council but that local Businesses needed to agree on a course of action as a way of moving forward.


Recycling provision

·         In anticipation of increased visitor numbers the recycling capacity needed to be increased.  The overflow of waste from the current receptacles gave a negative perception to visitors


The Harbour Master confirmed finding a solution was costly as the waste needed to be separated out for the waste and recycling teams to be able to remove the waste.  Sponsorship of recycling bins may be the best route to take.  Due to the limited spacing along Quay Road the bins had to be a specialised size.  The Harbour Master wanted to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated waste and recycling teams who had done an outstanding job over the summer months especially with the increased amounts of waste to be collected.


The Head of Resources advised that the rounds were due to be remodelled, taking into account the increased loads during peak times.  The Teams had worked very closely with the local communities.


Pier Gates Development Proposal

·         The Forum hoped the development was still going ahead as would be perceived as forward thinking and would provide pedestrian friendly access to the pier


The Harbour Master advised the Board that it was hoped the project would be completed by March 2021.  As soon as the relocation site had funding works could begin on the Pier.


Water Sports Centre

·         The Community Forum were seeking an update on the latest position of the Water Sports Centre


The Head of Resources advised that the list of funding conditions that had to be met, as set out by the Local Enterprise Partnership, were nearing completion and that as soon as funding was confirmed, and in place, tenders would be invited.


Pier Toilets

·         The use of the pier toilets was part of the visitor experience and with increased usage this facility was struggling to cope.  The restriction of use of one cubicle in the men’s toilet (due to Covid-19 safeguarding the shared urinals were closed) had caused huge queues.  Ideas were being shared with the Waste and Recycling manager on how best to provide a good visitor experience and peace of mind that the facilities were being cleaned regularly


The Head of Resources reassured the Board members that a review of public facilities was due to be carried out and the Waste and Recycling Service Manager would be looking to increase efficiencies.





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