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Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit Report - Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours

Report by Health and Safety Manager (attached)


The Board noted the Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit report – Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours (circulated previously).


The Designated person confirmed that the Marine Safety Management System was working effectively thus ensuring compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.


The Designated person gave the board the following updates:

Ilfracombe Harbour

·         The aid to navigation lights had passed the Trinity House audit which meant that the solar powered lighting project was not so urgent

·         The new location of the gig club storage unit, meant a survey of works was not required as it was no longer planned to go below the cliff face

·         The top rail on the safety barrier for the Waste Shark hoist had been lowered

·         The rusty gates on the steps to the second landing had been removed

·         Self- closing devices had been fitted on the end gates, harbour-side, at the steps to the loading and unloading area

Internal Risk Management – Ilfracombe

·         the findings of the three areas audited were:

(i)            Incident Reporting and Investigation – which found no non-conformity or non-compliance

(ii)          Competency and Training – no non-conformity or non-compliance

(iii)         Drink and Drugs – One non-conformity found which was no reference to drink or drugs procedures in the Marine Safety Management System.  In the event of the Harbour Master suspecting a mariner to be under the influence of a substance there were no references to the procedures to be followed, the version being audited against was v2.2, (v3 would include reference to procedures when published after adoption at the next Board meeting)

·         the boats out had completed successfully over 7th and 8th November 2020

·         works still outstanding, but ongoing, were the fender works at the first  landing, the electrical conduits and the removal of the top chains along Quay wall

·         Examination and testing quotes were being sought for the mooring equipment and bollards on the Quay.  This was quite complex as there were four different types and no confirmation from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on testing criteria

·         The Environment Agency had completed repointing works on the Harbour wall by the Royal Britannia Public House


·         The Environment Agency had completed their remedial works to the stone work to the flood area

·         The hole left by the removal of the mooring ring needed filling or replacing

·         White lines had been repainted along the edges of the slipway but were already degrading.  A more permanent solution had to be found

·         The rusted barrier below the Rhenish tower had been made good

Internal Risk Management – Lynmouth

·         The findings of the three areas audited were:

(i)            Incident Reporting and Investigation – no non-compliance or non-conformity

(ii)          Competency and Training – one possible non-conformity as no specific training had been undertaken by anyone except the Mayor of Lynton and Lynmouth.  Whether this needed to be addressed depended on the outcome of the  legal review of the status of Lynmouth Harbour that was underway

(iii)         Drink and Drugs – possible non-conformity as there was no policy.  Will await the outcome of the legal status review as to whether one was needed

·         An outstanding replacement hand rail was needed where a hand rail had been removed by the steps (opposite the Rising Sun Public House) off the slipway down to the Harbour

·         Ownership of the railings on the bridge still had not been established


In response to a question about the railings posing a health and safety risk.  The Designated person confirmed that part of the middle section of the railings were showing signs of rusting but that there  was no health and safety risk posed at this time.


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