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Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit Report- Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours

Report by Health and Safety Manager, (attached).


The Board noted the Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit Report – Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours (circulated previously).


The Designated Person confirmed that the Marine Safety Management System was working effectively thus ensuring compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.


The Designated Person gave the Board the following updates:


·         The audit of both harbours was carried out on 22nd July 2020

·         124 actions had been completed since the last inspection, which was held in January 2020

Ilfracombe – actions completed

·         Storm damage works had been carried out at Old Quay Head

·         An electrical conduit had been installed at Old Quay Head

·         Bin replacement had been made at Stone Bench area, replacing a weather damaged metal bin with a plastic bin

·         New fenders and Yokohamas had been installed at South Pier to create a second landing point and helping to ease congestion, works had been carried out prior to the Covid-19 crisis

·         New signage and posts had been provided for the Lifebuoy Ring housings at the Cove

·         New chains had been fitted along Quay wall with the remaining replacement works to be carried out during the winter of 2020

·         Three lampposts along the pier had had their tops removed as they were unsafe

Ilfracombe – Risk Management

·         Minor non-conformities were found during the internal risk management audit on the following topics;

(i)            Legislation, Acts, Harbour Revision Orders, Byelaws and Directions: the Marine Safety Management System needed to be amended to reflect that the Harbour Authority did not have the powers to make Harbour Directions or General Directions; or an application to the Secretary of State would have to be made by the Harbour Authority.  To be applied for if required.

(ii)          Environmental Duty: the Marine Safety Management System and the Environmental Management Plan gave no specific reference to the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 or any reference to the regard of biodiversity.  The Harbour Master would look at reviewing this.

(iii)         Risk Assessments: no evidence found to show independent review of risk assessments were carried out by a Harbour User group or representatives.  This was now a standing item on the Harbour Forum agenda.

·         ABPmer, an environmental consultant firm based in Southampton, had completed their external audit

·         Hand rail works were still to be carried out at the inner steps on Old Quay Head

·         Installation of three new electrical conduits on Old Quay Head were ongoing

·         Ground chain works in the harbour to be carried out in the winter of 2020

·         The Footpath from the Harbour to St. Nicolas’s Chapel was cordoned off while works were carried out to the wall

·         The Aid to Navigation lights were tripping out caused by a wiring fault.  The recent preliminary inspection by NavMoor, an Aids to navigation Solutions Company, had indicated the wiring may need replacing.  The use of solar powered lighting was being investigated by the Harbour Master

·         The Waste Shark hoist had now been tested and certified in accordance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

·         Rusted gates located half way down the steps to the Second Landing served no health and safety purpose and were to be removed

Lynmouth – actions completed

·         The emergency access gates had been replaced with signage installed advising their use was purely for emergency access

·         New ladders and handrails were now installed along the harbour wall

Lynmouth – Risk Management

·         The internal audit of the following topics found the following;

(i)            Legislation, Acts, Harbour Revision Orders, Byelaws and Directions: Until 2015 Lynmouth Harbour was considered to be a “haven” and no rules or regulations were considered.  The recent APBmer audit had discovered that the Harbour Management and all it entailed was not within the Town Clerk’s job description.  A legal review was being carried out.

(ii)          Environmental Duty: no separate Environmental Management Plan existed.  No details of any environmental designated areas were included in the Marine Safety Management System.  No reference to the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 and no specific mention of regard to biodiversity

(iii)         Risk Assessments: the reviewed document required a review date to be added.  No evidence found of an independent review of the Risk Assessments by a Harbour User group or representatives

·         ABPmer had concluded their external audit, the full report was still expected. The legal status of Lynmouth Harbour had been raised a power review had been commissioned by NDC with Ashford’s LPP to determine this.  The final report of which would be received once the Parliamentary archives were reopened

·         The Environment Agency were to carry out stone work to the flood area during the third week of September 2020

·         Remedial works still needed to be carried out on quoins along the upper edge of the slipway

·         White lines were to be repainted along the steps and the slipway

·         The hand rail brackets on the wall by the steps were rusted as well as the barrier at the bottom of the steps below the Rhenish tower


In response to a question about who would be carrying out the legal review of Lynmouth Harbour.  The Harbour Master replied that the firm, Ashfords LLP, from Exeter were being used.

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