Agenda item

Agenda item

76293: Land South of A39 Brynsworthy, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3QQ

Outline application for up to 450 dwellings including access (appearance, landscaping, layout & scale reserved) - EIA development (Further information as requested by Regulation 25 of The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017). Report by Lead Planning Officer (Major Applications)(attached).



Also present:


Councillor Graham Bell (NDC) Lead for Housing

Councillor Jim Bell (Fremington Parish Council)

Councillor Rhys Jones (Fremington Parish Council).


The Committee received the following statement from the Corporate and Community Services Officer:


Any observations which are made during the course of this site visit by Members of the Planning Committee are limited to those issues identified by the Planning Committee of North Devon District Council.


Such observations are made after viewing the site and on the basis of the limited information available on site.


Any such observations are, nor should they be taken as an indication that the application is acceptable or unacceptable. A full presentation and consideration of all the planning issues will be made when the matter was determined by the Planning Committee.


The Lead Planning Officer (Major Applications) addressed the committee and provided them with a paper copy of the location plan. She then advised of the following:


·         The site visit had started at the South of the site. She showed those present their current location, and the location of the DCC Transfer Station, on the location plan.

·         The committee continued down the hill towards the north of the site where they were shown the northern-most boundary of the site (towards the A39) and the direction of the narrowest part of the site which would lead through to the second section of land (to the north east).

·         There was a Tree Protection Order (TPO) in place on the woodland area where the proposed access would be sited off the A39

·         The development would be housing-led although there had been mention of the provision of a community building but no specific details were known.

·         The locations Flood-zones 2 and 3 were identified as being at the site entrance and existing water courses running northwards.

·         There would be biodiversity net gain on the site as there were many areas set aside on the site.

·         The nearest primary school would be Tews Lane (across the A39)

·         The nearest employment/industrial area would be along the A39 towards Barnstaple by the DCC development near Node CoWork.

·         There would be a junction from the site to the A39 at the north boundary. There would be pedestrian access to the other side of the A39 to join with the Redrow development and the school.


In response to questions, the Committee were advised:


·         The pedestrian access would not link with the existing pedestrian bridge across the A39 as there was private land between the two locations.

·         DCC had stated that the crossing was technically acceptable across the A39 although a roundabout would have been preferred.

·         It was unknown whether there would be space set aside for a future roundabout although it was noted that the development was less dense in that area near the site access.


RESOLVED that it being 13.20 p.m. the meeting be adjourned to enable the Committee to return to the Barum Room at BEC break and reconvene at 13.35 p.m.


RESOLVED, that it being 13.35 p.m. the meeting be reconvened.


The Lead Planning Officer (Major Applications) addressed the committee and presented them with a short video of drone footage of the site.


The drone footage was played to the committee and the following were identified on the footage:


·         The locations where the committee visited on the site.

·         The Redrow development across the A39

·         The boundaries of the proposed development

·         The location of the abandoned building at the point at which the site narrows between the two fields.

·         The woodland area of the proposed access to the A39

·         The field along the site boundary


In response to questions from the Committee, the Lead Planning Officer (Major Applications) advised of the following:


·         Any woodland lost from the works to the site access would be mitigated elsewhere on the site.

·         It was woodland subject of a Tree Preservation Order.

·         Brynsworthy Lane would not be closed off as a result of this development.

·         If permissions could be sought, it was possible that in future the pedestrian bridge might be linked with the site, and this would be explored with applicant.

·         The application would potentially be considered at a committee meeting in January or February (2024).


Councillor Walker advised that the road opposite the site (across the A39) was Glenwood Drive, and that there was currently no pedestrian route through the woodland on that side of the road.


The Chair requested that the drone footage be circulated to the Planning Committee.


Supporting documents: