Agenda and minutes

Harbour Board - Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022 2.00 pm

Venue: Ilfracombe Centre - Ilfracombe. View directions

Contact: Corporate and Community Services  01271 388253

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Campbell and Wilkinson.


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2022 pdf icon PDF 241 KB



RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2022 (circulated previously) be approved as a correct record and be signed by the Chair.


Items brought forward which in the opinion of the Chair, should be considered by the meeting as a matter of urgency


The Chair introduced the new PCSO to the Board and asked everyone to introduce themselves in turn.


Declarations of Interest

(Please complete the form provided at the meeting or telephone Corporate and Community Services to prepare a form for your signature before the meeting) Items must be re-declared when the item is called, and Councillors must leave the room if necessary)




The following declaration of interest was announced:


Councillor Fowler – Interested in all items as was a Trustee of the Y-Sail Yacht Club and a boat owner.


Quarterly Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit Report Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Harbours pdf icon PDF 390 KB

Report by Health and Safety Manager (attached).


The Board considered the Quarterly Designated Person Port Marine Safety Code Audit report (circulated previously), by the Health and Safety Manager.


The Designated Person gave the Board and update as follows:


·       Audits were carried out at both Ilfracombe and Lynmouth harbours on 12 April 2022.


Ilfracombe – Actions Completed


·       Actions completed at Ilfracombe since the last audit included the wear plates being replaced and the fenders re-installed at the end of the Trawler berths.

·       An Oil Spill Incident Management Exercise was successfully carried out at Ilfracombe harbour in March 2022.  The conclusion of this exercise highlighted the strong resilience at the harbour in the event of a real oil spill occurring.

·       The old booths at the entrance to the Pier had been removed.

·       The toilet facilities in the fishermen’s compound were available for use by fishermen.

·       A structural engineer had assessed the wall at Stone Bench and the crack at East Bench in January 2022.  The conclusion was that the wall was structurally capable of being used as a retaining wall.


Ilfracombe - Risk Management


·       No non-conformities were found during an internal audit of the following nine areas:

(a)  Drinks/Drugs

(b)  Piloting, Towage and Bunkering

(c)  Licensing (works, Tugs and Craft)

(d)  Permitting (Diving and Hot works)

(e)  Auditing Internal/External

(f)    Dangerous Vessels and Dangerous Substances, Vessel Traffic Management

(g)  Open Port Duty and setting Dues

(h)  Consultation and Consensus

(i)    Enforcement


·       Fencing was to be installed along Marine Drive below the cliff face to prevent the public from getting too close to the cliff face.

·       Ambiparhad been commissioned to re-write the Oil Spill Plan.


Lynmouth – Actions Completed


·       The ground chains had been inspected with no defects found.

·       White lines had been repainted at the top of the slipway and step edges.

·       The barrier preventing access to the damaged steps to the left of the slipway could still be climbed over.  Methods to permanently block this access were being looked at.

·       Concerns had been raised about the condition of and whose responsibility it was to look after mooring chains off the ground chains.  The Clerk would look at the Mooring Licence wording and provide clarification.

·       The Clerk was phasing his return to work after a serious illness.

·       The condition of the quoins on the slipway had not deteriorated in the two years since the audits had begun.


The Designated Person confirmed that the Marine Safety Management system was working effectively, ensuring compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.


The Board noted the audit report.


Crabbing Boxes

Harbour Master to report.


The Harbour Master gave the Board a verbal presentation on Crabbing Boxes.


The Board heard the following:


·       The company who provided the recycling bins on the Cove could now re-purpose crabbing nets.

·       Boxes could be made in Looe, Cornwall, at a cost of £250, which served as a receptacle to collect the expired crabbing nets.

·       Volunteers would then empty the boxes, clean and unpick the nets ready for repurposing.

·       Children from the local Academy could be involved as volunteers.  The new PCSO had spoken to the Head teacher of the Academy proposing this idea.

·       The nets could be used to create plastic composite pathways, which could incorporate signage.

·       The Council’s Environmental Protection Officer could provide information on funding for Environmental initiatives.  In the meantime the Harbour Master wanted to trial a box to gain an idea of the benefits it could provide.

·       The Harbour Master was seeking confirmation from the Board that they were happy for her to use £250 from the Harbour budget to sponsor a crab box.


The Board noted its confirmation to support this initiative.


Appointment of Independent Representative to the Harbour Board pdf icon PDF 304 KB

Report by Corporate and Community Services Officer, (attached).


The Board considered the Appointment of Independent Representative to the Harbour Board report (circulated previously), by the Corporate and Community Services Officer.


RECOMMENDED that Council approve a second, four year term to the Harbour Board for Mr Cleary, commencing on 25 July 2022 until 24 July 2026.


Marine Safety Plan

Harbour Master to report.


The Board received and update on the Marine Safety Plan.


The Harbour Master provided the following:


·       All objectives were being met.

·       An extension of another month to re-write the Oil Spill Plan had been granted, this was on track to be completed in this time.

·       The Performance Indicators were being reviewed.


Aids to Navigation

Harbour Master to report.


The Board received an update on Aids to Navigation.


The Harbour Master provided the Board with the following updates:


·       The best option for replacing the Navigation lighting system was to replace Stone Bench and the East Face with Solar powered panels.

·       As the navigation lights at Stone Bench were relatively new these would be reused at Old Quay Head, where it was decided hard wired powered lighting would be the best option.

·       The Harbour Arm Navigation Light pole at Lynmouth Harbour needed replacing.  The Navigation lights had a five mile nominal range and as such this was a more expensive system to replace.  A solar powered option was being investigated that could provide this range of cover.


Infrastructure Update

Harbour Master to report.


The Harbour Master updated the Board on Infrastructure,


The Board heard the following points:


·       Quotes had now been received for short-term works on the bulge at Stone Bench.

·       It was planned to remove the wall completely and replace it at the end of the season 2022.

·       Wooden panelling had been ripped off the Stone Bench hut.  The exterior was to be re-surfaced with pebble dashing.

·       The Water Sports Centre was on track to complete in September 2022.  The Harbour Master and Water Sports Hub Officer were working on Operations plans.  A café provider had been appointed.



Environmental Consideration Update

Harbour Master to report.


The Harbour Master updated the Board on Environmental considerations.


The Board received the following update:


·       A bin storage point was to be built at Upper Marine Drive for the Water Sports Hub.  A structure with roofing would provide a storage point for wheelie bins as well as bags of refuse.  This would be a single point of collection for the refuse trucks and deter bags of rubbish being split open by wildlife.


Future Projects

Harbour Master to report.


The Harbour Master updated the Board on Future Projects.


The Board heard the following updates:


·       Upper Marine Drive car park could potentially have an area turned into a complex for Commercial operators to base their instructor led kayaking services.  This provision would provide a safe environment for kayakers to get changed and for the storage of the commercial operator’s equipment.

·       The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Fisheries and Seafood Fund could potentially contribute towards a total resurfacing of the whole of the Cove.  The works would regrade the area to encourage surface water drainage away from the wall.  The Harbour Master would liaise with the Car Parks team and submit an application for funding.

·       New catchment fencing was proposed around a section of the Marine Drive carpark to fence off the cliff face from the public.  This loss of space was to be turned into storage compounds.  This would offer storage space for users of the Cove, which would help clear the Cove, which in turn could be put to better use by fishermen.

·       The pedestrian walkway along the Cove would need to be replaced once the resurfacing of the Cove was complete.  A local company could carry out these works using a plastic composite material that had a 20-year guarantee.  Signage could be incorporated into the walkway making it clear to pedestrians where to walk away from the open Quay edge and could also be potentially used to better signpost pedestrians from Hillsborough car park to the Harbour.

·       Ideally, the Water Sports Centre would have its own website which could be used to advertise car parks in the area along with all other activities/facilities on offer.

·       Cruise ship visits to the harbour were still not confirmed with one, due in June 2022, having cancelled.


Harbour Community Forum update

Harbour Master to report.


The Harbour Master gave the Board an update on the Forum.


The Board received the following updates:


·       Consideration was still being made to the dissolution of the current Forum to allow a re-write of its constitution.

·       The re-setting up of the Forum could coincide with the opening of the Water Sports Centre.  As users of the harbour, the Water Sports Centre would be a good focal point for a future Harbour Community Forum.