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Off Street Parking Order

Meeting: 12/04/2021 - Strategy and Resources Committee (Item 12)

12 Review of North Devon Council Off Street Parking Places Order pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Report by Acting Parking Manager (attached)


The Committee considered a Review of North Devon Council Off-Street Parking Places Order report (circulated previously), by the Acting Car Parks Manager.


The Chief Executive gave the Committee the following highlights:

·         The report showed minor changes and included requests from Parish Councils

·         Electric Vehicle Bays should only be in use by electric vehicles which were charging

·         The proposed change to the Pier car park had been put forward by Councillor Pearson who was invited to present the rationale for the proposal


Councillor Pearson gave the Committee the following summary:


·         The summer of 2020 saw a high number of visitors to the town of Ilfracombe which caused problems with traffic and parking

·         The plan to part pedestrianise Quay Road and change the short stay Pier car park to a long stay car park it was hoped would help reduce the number of vehicles travelling down Quay Road and therefore ease congestion

·         Ilfracombe Town Council were supportive of this idea and had set aside funds to help implement the changes.  To help towards the cost of additional signage and the creation of the pedestrian friendly space along Quay Road


The Chief Executive advised the Committee that the changes proposed could not be be implemented at the start of May as at least 21 days’ notice was required advertising the proposed changes.  Officers were unable to say whether the changes would be beneficial to the Council.  In addition the Water Sports construction started in June 2021 and there would be a reduction in parking spaces at Marine Drive car park as a result of this.  Signage advertising the change to the Pier car park would be vital as the success on reducing traffic flow along Quay Road depended on this.  Changing the nature of the Pier car park would require a public consultation.


Councillor Lane raised the point that Swimbridge did not have a pay and display car park and that the report may need to be amended to reflect that the car park was at Landkey.


The Chief Executive advised that the findings of a public consultation could be brought back to a future meeting to decide on how to proceed.


Councillor Prowse asked for the item to be added to the agenda for a future meeting of Strategy and Resources.


RESOLVED that the recommendations put forward by Parishes and North Devon Council be adopted, with the correction of reference to Swimbridge to Landkey, for inclusion in the revised Off Street Parking Order.