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Meeting: 12/11/2019 - Harbour Board (Item 28)

28 Ilfracombe Harbour Business and Marine Safety Plan 2020/23 - Incorporating Annual Report 2019 pdf icon PDF 713 KB

Report by Harbour Master, (attached).


The Harbour Master provided the Board members with the following updates on the Ilfracombe Harbour Business and Marine Safety Plan 2020/23 – incorporating Annual Report 2019 (circulated previously):


·         There was a need for the Safety plan which was three yearly updated to be separated from the annual report

·         The separation would make the monitoring of objectives easier as three years was a better timeline for checking progress

·         It was requested that Board Members attend a workshop to be arranged over the winter months to work on the separation of the documents

·         There were four documents that needed to be stand alone:

(a) Long term Strategy Plan

(b) Master Plan

(c) Business Plan

(d) Annual report

·         Increased activities in the Harbour meant that the Harbour Master was more likely be needed to deal with water-borne incidents.  To minimise reliance on Commercial users and the RNLI the Harbour Master suggested the purchase of a small vessel which could be launched from the fuel berth.  The cost of a second hand, four metre vessel could be less than £3,500.


In response to a question on the Harbour Master’s area covered, the Harbour Master advised just beyond the RNLI buoy was within her jurisdiction.