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North Devon and Torridge Local Plan

Meeting: 22/02/2023 - Council (Item 104)

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Report by Senior Planning Policy Officer (attached).

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Council considered a report by the Senior Planning Policy Officer (circulated previously) regarding the Local Plan Review.


The Chief Executive presented the report to Council.


It was moved by Councillor Prowse and seconded by Councillor Worden that the recommendations in the report be adopted.




(a)  That the Council move to a targeted and focused partial update to the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, the potential scope of which is indicatively set out within Appendix F, that specifically explores opportunities to address:

(i)             specific elements of the adopted local plan that are no longer consistent with national planning policy;

(ii)            specific policy provisions in the adopted local plan that are currently considered to be ineffectively worded or would benefit from clarification;

(iii)          those areas of policy whereby the adopted local plan is currently silent; and

(iv)          policy provisions which no longer conform to the majority views of the Councils.

(b) that the approach to updating the local plan is kept under review having regard to any relevant changes to the local and national context;

(c) that the scope of the update is established, the appropriate development plan vehicle for its delivery be established and a revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) presented to a future meeting of the Joint Planning Policy Committee for consideration and approval (or through such other mechanism as to be agreed with Members); and

(d) that work commence on a partial review of the Local Plan with immediate effect but that the formal decision of the review of the Local Plan (for Plan making purposes) be deferred until resolution of the following:

(i)       the results of the current national consultation regarding change to Plan making;

(ii)       the results of the review of the 5 Year Housing Land Supply position;

(iii)      a review of our position related to the Plan period; and

(iv)          completion of the Duty to Cooperate process.

(e) that concurrently, Officers explore and pursue actions and interventions to support the positive and effective implementation of the adopted North Devon and local plan.


Councillor Ley left the meeting.