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Decisions published

29/06/2020 - Pannier Market ref: 459    Recommendations Approved

The Prime Minister announced on 25 May that all non-essential retail including indoor markets could re-open from 15 June if they follow the Covid-19 secure guidelines.
In order to comply with these guidelines the Council needs to make changes to the operation and layout of the Barnstaple Pannier Market. In addition the Council needs to be satisfied that each individual trader is also compliant. This is best achieved by issuing additional Covid-19 trading compliance conditions.
In line with other local markets the aim is to re-open Barnstaple Pannier Market on Friday 3rd July as part of a phased return. Initially, the market will trade on Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July with additional days added in subsequent weeks depending on demand.

Current proposals are:
To issue temporary additional licence conditions (attached) to enable the market to trade in line with current government guidance. The conditions will be in addition to the current market licence conditions however, in the event of there being any contradiction between the market licence conditions and the Covid-19 trading compliance conditions then during the current Pandemic the Covid-19 trading compliance conditions shall take precedence.
The Covid-19 trading compliance conditions will be published on the Councils website.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 29/06/2020

Effective from: 29/06/2020


To approve additional Pannier Market Covid-19 trading compliance conditions and a revision of fees for a temporary period.

Lead officer: Ken Miles

20/05/2020 - Barnstaple pedestrian and cycle route improvements ref: 458    Recommendations Approved

As the country moves into the “recovery” phase of the Covid-19 crisis, there is a very strong feeling that there have been substantial environmental benefits as a result of lockdown giving rise to less traffic movements and that plans should be put in place to introduce measures to increase pedestrian and cycle trips.

Statutory guidance has been issued by central government which requires Highway authorities to consider measures to increase road space for pedestrians and cyclists.

As a result DCC are considering a series of temporary measures to support social distancing for walkers and cyclists in Barnstaple aimed at reprioritising roadspace to support alternative travel options, public safety and social distancing in the town centre as a busy regional hub.

Current proposals are:
• Temporary pedestrianisation of The Strand, Cross Street, Butchers Row, Lower Boutport Street and part of Queen Street between 10am and 4pm as shown on the attached plan.
• Measures on Longbridge A3125 in Barnstaple in order to improve the footpath and cyclepath provision. The preferred option is the option A – total vehicular closure of the A3125 Longbridge.
• Installation of cycle racks in town and at outlying business parks

Rationale for proposals:
• The Department for Transport has clarified that local authorities have the powers to reallocate road space, instigate local road closures, temporary cycle lanes or expand the footway to provide more space for cycling and walking.
• The proposals are part of the measures required to ensure social distancing guidance can be adhered to.
• The pedestrianisation of Cross Street / Butchers Row has been consulted on during the development of the Barnstaple vision and is included in the Future High Streets Fund business case. The proposal is a slight extension of the scheme which makes sense under the new guidance.
• If implemented establishments along Butchers Row could potentially put tables and chairs out in the loading bays, increasing their ability to trade whilst still practicing social distancing. (relaxation of enforcement by DCC and NDC would be required).
• Once the market re-opens it will do so with the new arrangements in place making changes easier.
• The Longbridge was identified as a critical local road corridor and pinchpoint for urban travel. This impact will also be exacerbated by the emergency closure of the old iron bridge cycle crossing, which will mean diverting more cycling and walking trips via Rock Park and the Long Bridge. Vehicle / pedestrian conflict is an identified issue on the Longbridge. The new temporary measures therefore provide an opportunity to test some solutions to the problem.

The issue is urgent as the High street is anticipated to open on the 1st June and DCC are working to a timetable of implementation to coincide with this.

The Council has received funding of £86k to be used for the re-opening of our town centres and so some funding will be required for signage etc.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 25/06/2020

Effective from: 20/05/2020


To comment upon a consultation issued by DCC and express support for the DCC preferred solution.

Lead officer: Ken Miles

27/05/2020 - Urgent works to Lynmouth Esplanade sea wall ref: 457    Recommendations Approved

The Esplanade wall was built in the 1890s and forms part of the structure of the Esplanade Car Park owned by the Council but managed by Lynton TC under the agency agreement.

The wall has been damaged during the storms earlier in the year which has resulted in a partial collapse at tarmac level within the car park. A recent survey has shown more extensive damage with further cracks and pointing and bedding having been flushed out.

Repairs will include rebuilding elements, stitching cracks and rebidding and repointing stonework. It is feared that without urgent works taking place, further damage will arise.

The deadline for Strategy and Resources committee on the 1st June has passed and the works should be underway during the period of better weather. It is felt that a decision through the urgent decision route is more appropriate.

Officers have obtained 3 quotes which range from £49,208 to £113,913. A capital budget exists for repairs to car parks and it is suggested that funds are drawn from that budget. It is also suggested that the lowest tender of £49,208 is accepted.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 25/06/2020

Effective from: 27/05/2020


That the urgent works outlined below are carried out and that the normal Contract Procedure Rules are waived in order to award the contract as detailed.

That the Capital Programme be amended to reflect the award.

Lead officer: Ken Miles

18/06/2020 - Barnstaple pedestrian and cycle route improvements ref: 456    Recommendations Approved

The Council previously indicated that it was supportive of DCC proposals to pedestrian the Long Bridge and to extend pedestrianisation along Cross Street and Butchers Row on a temporary basis. The Council made clear that support was to be based on monitoring taking place of traffic flows, regular reporting to the Council on the impacts and the ability to withdraw from or change the scheme at any time.
Since that time, no further details of the proposals have been published and no formal public consultation has taken place. At the same time public and business opposition to the idea has grown considerably.
It is appreciated that the matter had to be dealt with quickly by DCC but the Council now consider that because of that lack of public engagement, confidence in the proposals is at such a point as to make them very unlikely to find support. The Council therefore consider that its support should now be withdrawn although it would be open to further discussions about alternative proposals.
The matter is considered to be urgent as the public and local businesses require a clear view from the District Council as quickly as possible.
Whilst I was previously willing to explore options for the Long Bridge, it is clear now that the level of opposition is such that any proposals are highly likely to fail. I am also concerned that NDC has not received the assurances previously sought and about the fact that although the possibility of the proposals is widely known, DCC has not published any detail to enable the public to make an informed decision.

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 19/06/2020

Effective from: 18/06/2020


To withdraw support for the proposal to pedestrianise the Long Bridge but to support the measures to extend pedestrianisation in Cross Street and Butchers Row.

Lead officer: Ken Miles