Council - Wednesday, 7th April, 2021 6.30 pm

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Contact: Corporate and Community Services  01271 388253

Note: If you wish to attend Council please email by noon Monday 5 April. This will be a virtual meeting and will be conducted in line with The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020. Please be aware that when you take part in a virtual meeting your phone number and/or your email address will be visible to councillors and officers of North Devon Council attending the committee but will not be visible to members of the public or others. This is required to allow you to be identified on Microsoft Teams, the software used by the Council to hold virtual committees, and will not be used for any other purpose by the Council. For more information, or to exercise your rights, please see 

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Virtual meetings procedure - briefing and etiquette

Chair to report.


Apologies for absence


To approve as correct records the minutes of the meetings held on 17 February 2021 and 24 February 2021 (attached) pdf icon PDF 212 KB

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Chair's announcements


Business brought forward by or with the consent of the Chair


Replies to any questions submitted by the Public and/or to receive Petitions under Part 4, Council Procedures Rules, Paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Constitution


To consider motions of which notice has been submitted by Members in accordance with Part 4, Council Procedure Rules, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution

(a) To consider the following notice of motion from Councillor Mack:


“Full council notes that:

  1. The electoral system used for local elections in England and Wales, First Past the Post (FPTP), is not a fair system, because it means that votes do not have equal weight and many votes are wasted. This leads to voter apathy and a feeling of disconnection from local democracy. 
  2. The alternative to FPTP is a system of proportional representation (PR), where votes cast for parties translates more or less directly into seats won. There are many variants of PR. The Single Transferable Vote system (STV) variant of PR is already in use for local elections in Scotland and Northern Ireland. With this system, voters rank candidates and those who receive the most backing (including second and subsequent choices) are elected to serve in multi-member wards.
  3. The Welsh Assembly has just agreed legislation to allow local authorities to choose to change their voting system to the proportional Single Transferable Vote system, which is already used for local elections in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  4. The introduction of PR for local elections in Scotland has led to an increase in turnout, which was 47% at the last elections, held in 2017. In contrast, turnout for North Devon was 37% in the 2019 local District elections.
  5. Barnstaple Town Council unanimously supported a move to proportional representation in North Devon on February 22nd.

Full council believes that a move to the use of proportional representation for local elections would boost turn-out, make the council more representative of the political make-up of its residents, and improve the quality of its decision-making processes, thereby benefiting all North Devon residents.

Therefore, this Council resolves to:

1.     Welcome the new legislation allowing Welsh councils to choose the fairest and most appropriate voting system for their local elections.

2.     Request that the Government bring forward legislation to allow local elections in England to be run by a proportionally representative voting system (PR). 

3.     Work with the Electoral Commission to agree upon and choose the most appropriate electoral system for North Devon.”

(b) To consider the following notice of motion from Councillor Luggar:


“North Devon Council notes with concern and alarm the number of times that environmental damage is caused to the natural environment during development despite the imposition of planning conditions on planning permissions that are meant to protect the same. Too often trees, hedgerows and important habitats are damaged or destroyed when they should be protected for the amenity benefit of the public at large and local residents in particular. North Devon council calls on officers to ensure that planning conditions designed to achieve environmental protection and enhancement are speedily enforced, including by the service of a breach of condition notice if necessary and/or tree protection orders.”


Declarations of Interest

(NB. Members only need to re-declare any interests previously declared at Committee and Sub-Committee meetings if the item is discussed at Council).



Chair's replies to any questions to Council by Members submitted under Part 4, Council Procedures Rules, Paragraph 10 of the Constitution


To agree the agenda between Part 'A' and Part 'B' (Confidential Restricted Information).

Part A


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Report by Leader of the Council (attached).


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Report by Chief Executive (attached).

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Report of Chair of Governance Committee (attached).


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Minutes of Committees

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Building Control Joint Committee pdf icon PDF 204 KB

(i) 11 February 2021


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(i) 9 March 2021


Licensing and Community Safety Committee pdf icon PDF 207 KB

(i) 9 February 2021


Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 243 KB

(i) 10 February 2021

(ii) 10 March 2021

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Strategy and Resources Committee pdf icon PDF 7 KB

(i) 1 March 2021

(A) Minute 272: Council Tax Discounts

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